Funding cuts for 272 schools

From the start of term 3, 272 schools in NSW will face cuts to critical funding that supports kids with disabilities. This will restrict support for kids already facing big challenges getting through primary and high school.

To see if your school is affected go here to check the list:

This NSW Government policy “Every Student, Every School” will spread funding across NSW schools. However kids in 272 schools will be disadvantaged as their schools will lose funding because of their commitment to helping children.

All kids in NSW that need education support should get it. Without it, our kids run the risk of not learning to read or write properly, which will only cause them hardship at high school and beyond. Without support our kids are at risk of unemployment, isolation, bullying and exclusion from the community.

We want to make sure no child is left behind and give them every chance in life!

Contact Adrian PICCOLI,  NSW Minister for Education to protest these cuts.


7 thoughts on “Funding cuts for 272 schools

  1. Just when we as grandparents of a 12 year old boy with ASD thought he was getting the help and encouragement he needs from his school now the funding is to be cut. Shame on you Minister. The lives and futures of these kids need all the help they can get from parents – teachers and the support of the government. We will fight back.

  2. From a Director of an Autism provider it is already so challenging supporting a child in main stream school. Its challenging for the child and also for the teachers, we need more funding not less funding. Some children are luck to get just 45 min of aid time a week. Thats not even close to enough as it is. Imagine taking that away!

  3. how pathetic are these politicians targeting the innocent and defenceless’s resourses.i have a son with aspergers and i have enough on my plate,enough is enough.

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